This space was reserved each year to inform our clients and partners of the latest developments in the Japanese economy, and make a forecast for the current year. However, in line with our policy to be always open and frank in our judgments, we admit that this time it is almost impossible to predict what lies ahead of us in the coming 12 months because of "Abenomics".

But we can say with a high degree of confidence that Japan will survive the present crisis in better shape than others, because the country has a strong industrial base. In addition it has a very loyal workforce, which is willing to sacrifice short term personal gains for the long term benefit of the company.

We are professionals who perfectly blend in-depth knowledge of the tradition and work ethic of the old economy, with the enthusiasm and adaptation of new prevalent technologies.

We are an alliance of independently managed, and privately owned companies, which can provide the following services:

Full Service In-Market Sales & Representation
Website Development & Internet Applications
OA Hardware & Software Solutions
Tax, Legal and Financial Advice, Audit

In the B2B and B2C segments of the leisure, travel and related industries.

There are many consultants willing to assist you when entering new markets, but they are usually expensive, and give no guarantee of success for your company.

What makes us different is that we are your partners throughout your entry into the Japanese market. We

"share opportunities and minimize risks with you"

After studying your product, and its potential in Japan, we will work on your behalf as either a GSA or Sales Agent, for an agreed period of time, to test your product in the market place. During this period, we will be responsible for all sales activities at our own expense.

All you have to do is to provide the promotion material in Japanese, and the usual start up advertising for the product launch.

We are a highly efficient and cost effective operation, keeping overheads to a minimum. We have a vast pool of human and logistical resources we can call upon for each individual project.

In short ;

Overheads only occur when actual operation for a project is in progress.

a) human resources
For each project we assemble a team based on the requirements of our clients.
Only people with the necessary skills, experience and connections will be considered. As a result, we are in general operational from day one.

b) infrastructure
Within our office premises, all located in the center of Tokyo,

we have at your disposal from day one

Rooms from "6 to 75" persons for meetings and promotions, with the possibility of Japanese style catering at reasonable cost.
Large meeting facilities free of charge
Possibility to rent rooms with work stations for "one to ten" persons on a short term basis
Direct communication lines
Many others

a) neutral
The concept we offer is rather unique, and takes the present trend in commercial activities worldwide into consideration (lean operation). It can be materialized thanks to our good connections in the market, as well as our reputation, which we gained through hard work during many years, and by blending Japanese and Western business mentalities and customs.

Important to mention is the fact that, acting as a neutral

"travel component supplier",

We are partner, and not competitor to Japanese travel firms

Therefore, we are not in a "conflict of interest" situation with any company. As a result, we have unrestricted access to all travel agents and travel related companies nationwide.

b) confidential
Likewise elsewhere, name recognition is important in Japan. To familiarize the market with your product and company name in the shortest possible time, we will conduct all activities under your name, unless you ask us to do otherwise.
Moreover, we will not use your name for the purpose of PR in our own publications, brochures or official announcements.

Let us assist your company to conquer the second largest market in the world, where 125 Million consumers have the highest savings ratio, and are eager to spend their well-earned money.

For further information please contact us as listed below:
Paul Kaempfen
Vice President
International Markets
Phone: +81-3-5114-8525
Fax: +81-3-3585-0855

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